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          英國皇家化學會Neil Hammond博士講座

          報告題目:Publishing with the RSC: what we can do for you



          報 告 人:Neil Hammond博士

          英國皇家化學會Biomaterials science和Polymer chemistry主編

          Neil Hammond博士

          Neil Hammond, PhD, was born in Doncaster, United Kingdom, in 1976. He studied Physics, receiving an Masters degree from Liverpool University in 1998, and a PhD, also from Liverpool University, in 2002. He completed a 2-year postdoctoral position at Argonne National Laboratory, USA in heavy-ion physics research (2002 – 2004) before leaving research to begin a career in publishing. Neil spent several years at Pion Ltd (London) and Cambridge University Press (Cambridge) before joining the Royal Society of Chemistry, the UKs professional body for chemical scientists. Neil is responsible at the RSC for the development of 5 journals, including Biomaterials Science and Polymer Chemistry. He has held various roles in academic publishing over the last 14 years, and has worked with a diverse range of academic communities and learned societies. He has co-authored more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals.


          The Royal Society of Chemistry is the publisher of 44 academic journals across the chemical sciences and related fields. It is also a not-for-profit, mission-driven organization, and professional body for chemical scientists.

          There is an ever-growing number of journals in which to publish, a continued drive from national and supra-national funding bodies to transform the underlying publishing ecosystem, and consequently a bewildering (and potentially distracting) number of options and considerations for researchers. In this talk Dr Hammond will provide an overview of RSC publishing, focusing particularly on Chinese research in biomaterials and polymer research. He will strive to provide clarity and insight into the factors at play in academic publishing. He will also share his perspectives on how scientists can improve their chances of publication and maximize their audience.





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